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How can agents benefit from offering their vendors an alternative to selling on a whole ownership basis?

Published on 11 March 2020    I    Admin

We are working with an increasing number of agents who have recognised how offering a fractional option can open up a new market for their properties. Here, we look at the benefits to agents of including fractional in their sales mix

Increase the pool of potential buyers for your properties

Offering a fractional ownership option can increase the pool of buyers by targeting those who may not be found through traditional marketing:

  • Discerning buyers who could purchase a second home outright but see sense in paying a sum that matches their actual use of the property - and sharing the costs with a few other like-minded individuals or families 

  • Aspirational buyers who are attracted by the idea of jointly owning a holiday home that would otherwise be beyond their means.


Sell more higher value properties

Every buyer with a budget of €150,000 is a potential joint buyer of a €750,000+ property. Many buyers will not have considered becoming a joint owner of a higher value property. It will allow your sales team to connect like-minded buyers who are looking in similar locations.


We can help you identify properties that might work, creating a conceptual model for each.  

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Few other agents will be offering this innovative buying option and it will help you stand out and sell properties in areas with an over supply or where prices are stagnating.


Increase your income stream 

  • We pay our agent partners a fee for every completed sale. That will of course be in addition to the normal sales commission paid by your vendor.

  • Agents with a property management department can earn additional income by managing the property on behalf of the fractional owners.

Keep your vendor's options open

Importantly, we do not seek any exclusivity. Agents we work with do not commit their vendors to a group sale and they will be free to continue marketing them for a traditional sale as well.

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