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A unique system supporting agents

A savvy alternative to whole ownership, there has never been a better time for agents to introduce co-ownership into their sales mix. 

We licence our system for agents to use, giving you everything you need to enter this expanding sector.  

All the support you need 

  • Guidance on which properties are likely to work best, the number of fractions to offer for each property and the price for each

  • Comprehensive training for your sales team on the key issues for selling fractional property ​

  • A conceptual model for each property you promote on a fractional basis - the ownership structure, usage rights and property management arrangements

  • Ongoing support to help you deal effectively with technical enquiries from purchasers

Essential guidance for agents

  • What is fractional ownership and why aren't agents already offering it?​

  • Why now is the time

  • Who is a typical fractional ownership buyer?

  • Increase your sales return with the 'fractional multiplier'

  • The 8 key issues your sales staff need to understand to sell effectively

  • Dealing with buyer misconception and resistance

Connecting prospective buyers

Supporting you in selling higher value properties on a fractional basis by identifying and connecting like-minded buyers. 

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