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Benefits for Vendors

Increase your pool of prospective buyers

Using Sojourn8 to promote your property can extend the pool of potential buyers to include those who may not be found by traditional marketing:

  • those who can afford to buy outright but see sense in sharing with a few other like-minded individuals the costs of purchase and ownership of a second home they won't use full time

  • those who want to buy a family holiday home but think it may be beyond their financial means.

Increase your overall selling price

The combined price achieved from a fractional sale can be greater than the price you may achieve property's whole ownership sale price. Typically, a fractional sale can increase the overall sales  for a seller or developer by between 10% and 25%. 

Retain a share in a property you love

Fractional ownership allows you to keep a share of your property so you can continue to use it without all the costs associated with owning it outright

Keep your options open

Promoting your property for sale through Sojourn8 allows you to keep all your options open throughout the marketing period. Under our system, even where you have several fractional buyers ready and willing to proceed, if an acceptable offer is received from a single buyer, .........  

Interested in hearing more?

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