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Increasing sales options and returns for developers 

Second home co-ownership is a compelling alternative to whole ownership - one that most buyers will not have considered. 

Modern House

Benefits of adding co-ownership to your sales mix

Increase your profitability

The combined price achieved from a fractional sale can be up to 20% more than the property's whole ownership sale price

Target a new type of buyer

  • Discerning buyers who can purchase a second home outright but see sense in paying a sum that matches their actual use 

  • Aspirational buyers who are drawn to the idea of co-owning a holiday home that would otherwise be beyond their means

Give your buyers a new option

The sharing economy is seeing buyers re-assess their financial and lifestyle priorities - give them an option few developers will be offering

Increased occupancy

Co-owned properties are occupied for more weeks each year - resorts can benefit from increased use of restaurants and leisure facilities

What we offer developers


With over 10 years experience of the co-ownership sector in Europe - we know what works


Legal structures

Clear and transparent ownership structures giving credibility to your development


Sales & Marketing

All the support you and your sales team need to understand co-ownership and sell effectively 

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