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About Us

With over 10 years experience of co-ownership in Europe, Sojourn8 is changing how holiday homes are bought and owned - making second home ownership possible for more people

Our Mission

We know what buyers want when considering a second home purchase. We've seen what works and what doesn't when setting up co-ownership structures that work for their owners.


Our overriding mission is to make co-ownership a mainstream option for buyers of second homes. 

Our Story

Sojourn8 was set up by Stephen Bishop, an experienced real estate lawyer and a leading expert on fractional ownership in Europe.

In 2008, he saw how fractional ownership could open up second home ownership for more people. That is still the driving force behind Sojourn8 today. 


" I'm interested in new and innovative ways that can open up second home ownership. When I first came across fractional ownership, I immediately saw how it could offer the opportunity of second home ownership to more people.

At Sojourn8, we are always looking at new ideas and locations that will enrich how people spend their leisure time - co-ownership of a second home in several diverse locations; your own pied-à-terre in the world's most vibrant cities; the year round attraction of alpine resorts; and of course the UK where the staycation trend is seeing huge growth". 

Our Vision

We see a time when co-ownership of second homes is mainstream and an option most buyers will consider.  The growing 'sharing economy' is already accelerating this trend as more buyers see sense in co-owing a home they will not use all year.

Sojourn8 is at the forefront of this exciting growth in Europe. We love talking about co-ownership - so many people quickly see the compelling benefits of this savvy but simple way to own a second home. 

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