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Effective selling of fractional properties requires a thorough understanding of this innovative option for second home ownership. 


Sojourn8 is a leading resource for group and fractional properties. We use proactive methods to promote our listings:- 


  • High impact social media campaigns targeting specific categories of buyers; 

  • Direct marketing to our own opted-in database of subscribers; 

  • Advertising across various platforms including Abode2 and A Place in the Sun.


Who lists on Sojourn8?

  • Developers who want to supplement their local marketing by promoting their properties to the widest possible audience of buyers

  • Owners looking to test the fractional ownership market for their individual property in the most cost effective way possible - read more about selling to a group

  • Agents wanting to promote their fractional ownership properties on a specialist platform ​

  • Developers and owners looking to establish a new fractional product and wanting a comprehensive package from initial feasibility to structure development and sales and marketing support - read more about What we do 

  • Individuals looking to assemble an 'owners group' to buy or develop a property on a fractional basis


Start your listing

We offer a range of options for - all with flexible fee structures. 

To arrange your listing, please contact us:

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