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A new market for innovative agents

Second home co-ownership is a compelling alternative to whole ownership - one that most buyers will not have considered. 

Taking the Key

Benefits of adding co-ownership to your sales mix

Target a new type of buyer

  • Discerning buyers who can purchase a second home outright but see sense in paying a sum that matches their actual use 

  • Aspirational buyers who are drawn to the idea of co-owning a holiday home that would otherwise be beyond their means

Sell more high value properties

Match buyers with a modest budget to form a small group to buy a higher value property. Every buyer with a budget of £100,000 is a potential co-owner of a £800,000+ property

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Differentiate your business and sell in all market conditions. Few other agents will be offering this innovative buying option


Add to your sale fee

We'll pay 3% commission for each buyer you introduce to a listed property - on top of your usual sale commission


We make it easy

We deal with all buyer enquiries and oversee the sales process through to completion


Earn a 5% referral fee

Refer a buyer to one of our groups and we'll pay a 5% fee for each share


Support for your team

Use our training program so your sales team understand co-ownership and sell effectively 

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