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Portfolio owning - a unique concept for second home ownership in the UK


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Portfolio owning takes all the benefits of fractional ownership of a single home and develops them further​

Sharing ownership of several holiday homes in different locations between a small number of like-minded individuals or families takes the benefits of fractional ownership a step further. It’s still a relatively new idea but has already been recognised by savvy buyers who have always longed for their own holiday home but without committing to one location


The money that would have been needed to buy and maintain a single holiday home can be used to acquire a share of several homes. This lowers the risk by exposing owners to several property markets. Most importantly, as a lifestyle option, owning several holiday homes allows owners and their friends and family to enjoy different experiences – short or extended stays in mountain, coastal and city locations throughout the year -  while still allowing them to spend time in homes they own and where they are comfortable and familiar with the surroundings.


Another key benefit is that by jointly owning 3 properties, you can get as close as possible to outright ownership when it comes to being able to use your property whenever you want.  


We have long recognised the potential of fractional ownership of portfolios of holiday homes between small groups of owners - and now seems the perfect time to introduce this to the UK with the opportunity to benefit from a growing demand for breaks away in the UK – the ‘staycation' trend.


We will shortly be launching the first of several portfolios, each with properties in the most sought after locations in the UK – starting with the South Hams area of South Devon, the Lake District and Central London.


All our portfolios will have the following key features:


  • 3 high quality properties in different locations in the UK with the focus on coastal, mountain/lake and Central London - allowing owners to enjoy diverse experiences in their own home throughout the year

  • Buy-in costs will start from £150,000 - less than a quarter of the expected value of each property within the portfolio

  • Properties can be used by owners and their family, friends and business colleagues

  • Each portfolio will offer flexible usage rights throughout the year with a usage system giving as close to outright ownership of each property as is possible

  • All properties will be professionally managed on behalf of the owners

  • Most portfolios will have a fixed exit route with a sale of the properties after 8 years and the proceeds returned to the owners.

Interested in hearing more? Get in touch and we'll arrange a call.

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