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Investment Fund for the lucrative UK holiday home sector set to launch in early 2021 to benefit from the staycation trend

Published on 5 May 2020    I    Admin

With volatility in the stock exchange and record low interest rates for savers likely to continue for the foreseeable future, small investors are looking for an alternative safe haven for their cash.

Whilst the property market in the UK is generally seen as a secure, asset backed investment, tax changes over the last few years have hit the profits of traditional buy-to-let landlords.


Against this background, the second home market is establishing itself as a new and attractive asset class. The now established ‘staycation’ trend is likely to develop further after the unprecedented events of the first half of 2020 as more Brits shy away from overseas travel and look to take shorter but more regular breaks in the UK.  The sector will also continue to benefit from a weak pound making overseas travel for Brits more expensive but attractive to foreign visitors to the UK.


The Sojourn Capital Fund will tap into these rapidly growing trends by launching in 2021 a diverse portfolio of carefully selected properties in the UK in traditional holiday locations, including urban destinations.


The Fund will seek to provide both institutional and private investors with exposure to the lucrative holiday home sector to generate attractive rental returns for investors and offer the best potential for capital appreciation. In doing so the Fund will also look to benefit from the anticipated fall in house prices over the next 12 months – forecast to be around 5%.


Key features of the Fund:


  • A close ended fund to comprise a portfolio of up to 30 holiday properties in carefully selected locations in the UK


  • Professional team to select and proactively manage the portfolio to maximise occupancy levels, rental income and capital appreciation


  • The Fund will have a life of 6 years after the final closing period


  • Minimum investment - £75,000


Please contact us if you would like to receive further information on the Sojourn Capital Fund which will be open to accredited investors only.



NOTE – this article is a preliminary presentation of an investment opportunity and is not an invitation to invest in the Sojourn Capital Fund. The Fund will only be open to accredited investors.

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