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Terms of Business


Information About Us

Dunloe Estates Limited ("we", "our", or "us") is a company registered in England under company number 03341498 and our registered office is at 25 High Bannerdown, Bath, BA1 7JZ, England.

"This Site" means the website known as

Our Obligations

Subject to receiving all necessary information about your property and photographs of acceptable quality, we will prepare a listing for you to approve. We normally aim to do this within 3 working days of receiving all necessary information, photographs and payment of the listing fee.


Once you have approved your listing, we will list your property on the relevant country page on this Site until you inform us you no longer want it listed or if earlier, until your property is sold. 

We will promote your property for sale to a small group of buyers. We will do this to our own database of potential buyers and through third party advertising and targeted social media campaigns.


We will be responsible for dealing with all matters relating to the fractional ownership structure on behalf of the group of buyers.

Your obligations

You warrant to us that you have the necessary authority to advertise your property for sale and do not need any consents or licences to do so. 

You will not enter into any negotiations regarding the price or any other matter relating to the fractional ownership arrangements direct with a prospective buyer or a group of prospective buyers. All such negotiations should go through us.

You will provide us and/or a prospective buyer with all information about your property that is reasonably required to enable an informed decision to be made and you will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all information is accurate. 

You will inform us as soon as possible if you sell your property through another agent so we can remove your listing from this Site.


A listing fee of £295.00 is payable when you first instruct us to list your property on this Site. Payment of the listing fee should be made to the following account:


Name of account:  Dunloe Estates Limited

Account number:  00392305

Sort code:  30-98-75


This fee is for setting up and managing your listing. No further fee will be payable by you to us whether or not your property is sold.


You will be responsible for paying your own legal fees relating to a sale of the property. 


You are free to advertise your property on any other site or through any other agent whilst it is listed on this Site.

Nothing in these terms shall be construed as a joint venture, partnership or agency relationship. We will not be advising you on any aspect of a sale and you should take such legal and tax advice as you consider appropriate.



These terms are governed by English law and any disputes will be settled in the English courts.

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