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How do we find and aggregate buyers?


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Finding and aggregating buyers into small, compatible groups for second home ownership is a key part of what Sojourn8 does. Here's our approach.

We've invested much time over the years in our strategy for raising awareness of second home co-ownership as a compelling alternative to whole ownership. So most prospective buyers either contact us direct, via recommendations and referrals or through our growing network of partner agents.

Whether you enquire about a specific property listed on our site or are interested in joining a group for a particular location, we take time to understand what you are looking for in your perfect holiday home. Matching buyers with compatible preferences, tastes and style is important when forming a successful group of owners. So we discuss a wide range of considerations - from the obvious ones like location, style, size and budget to leisure amenities and interior design.

Probably the most important consideration is to ensure that your experience is as close to whole ownership as possible in terms of being able to use your home when you want - and that means discussing with each potential buyer their individual use preferences.   


Having a group of owners who all want to use their holiday home during the peak summer months may leave some of them disappointed. So a diverse group with a mix of use preferences is ideal - some who want those peak months and others who prefer the 'shoulder' season when the destination is less busy and cooler makes for a perfect user experience for all owners.

Interested in hearing more about co-owning a second home? Tell us about your perfect home here and we'll arrange a call.

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