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A savvy alternative to whole ownership, there has never been a better time for agents to introduce co-ownership into their sales mix. 

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Increased recognition of the 'sharing economy' is driving interest in second home co-ownership in Europe. Sojourn8 is at the forefront of this trend. It offers great opportunities for innovative agents to enter an exciting new market when they add it to their sales mix.

Sojourn8 partners with agents in the key destinations we are targeting in the UK, Spain and Italy. Here are the benefits for agents we work with:

Target a new market

Co-ownership of second homes attracts a different type of buyer, including those who can afford to buy outright but see sense in sharing ownership of a property they will only use for part of the year. You will also attract buyers with a modest budget of £100,000 who will be potential co-owners of a £800,000+ property.

Boost your sale fee

If you are marketing a property we think is suitable for co-ownership, we will partner with you and promote it for sale on our platform. If you introduce a buyer, we will pay you a 3% fee - and that will be on top of the usual fee you will receive from the seller. 

Earn a market beating 5% for referrals

As well as promoting specific properties for sale on a co-ownership basis, we also form groups of like-minded buyers with compatible preferences to source a property for them to buy. If you refer a buyer to a group we form, we will pay you a 5% fee for each buyer.

Close your sales quicker

We make it very easy for our partner agents to close their sales. We deal with all buyer enquiries relating to the co-ownership arrangements and manage the whole sale process. A key part of our role is to set up the co-ownership structure, the usage rights for the owners and management of the property.

Full support for your sales team

We will support your team in understanding the key issues and how to sell effectively. Our unique training program will show them how to deal with buyer misconception and resistance to the co-ownership concept.


Keep your seller's option open

We do not seek any exclusivity. Our agent partners do not commit their clients to a group sale - allowing you to continue marketing them for a traditional sale alongside a co-ownership option.

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