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Why should I consider selling to a group of buyers?


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An increasing number of owners are seeing the benefits of promoting their property for sale to a small group of like-minded individuals and families

How does it work?

We aggregate buyers into small groups to buy a second home. The groups we form are normally made up of 4, 6 or 8 individuals and families. We handle all the arrangements including setting up the group's legal structure. When a group is formed, the sale will be no different to a traditional sale.  

Why should I consider selling to a group? 

  • Promoting your home for sale to a group widens the pool of potential buyers who will not be found through traditional real estate agents and listing sites:-  

    • those who can afford to buy outright but want to share the cost of buying and owning a property they won't use full time;

    • those who want to buy a holiday home but think it may be beyond their financial means;

    • those who want access every year to their own vacation properties in different locations - beach, ski, golf, city etc.

  • Selling to a group allows you to keep a fraction and become part of the group - enabling you to continue using your property each year, possibly as much as you did when you owned it on your own. This option may allow you to release most if not all the capital in your property.

How will my property be marketed?

We work with a small number of properties at a time so we can use more bespoke and proactive methods than most listing sites and many traditional agents.  There has been a significant increase in interest in second home co-ownership and most of our enquiries now come from direct approaches from potential buyers, mainly from the UK, the United States, Canada and Northern Europe.

Can I still market my property through other sites and estate agents?

Absolutely, if you are also advertising your property elsewhere, you are free to keep all your options open. We do not ask for any exclusivity and you are free to sell to any buyer whilst your property is listed on Sojourn8. 

What fees do you charge?

We charge owners a one-off listing fee. On a successful sale, our fee for setting up the legal and ownership structures are paid by the group who we represent  - that is our incentive to form a group to buy your home!



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